Free Download: Portable XRF Technology for the Non-Scientist

Learn the basics of x-ray fluorescence technology and how it can work for your business.

Portable XRF Technology for the Non-Scientist

Are you a metals recycler worried about alloy mix-ups?
A manufacturer concerned with quality assurance? Or a miner who needs to quickly identify drill targets? Maybe you're involved in helping to ensure the environment is safe from lead and toxins?

If you're using, or considering using, portable XRF technology to gain rapid, reliable, nondestructive, on-site sample analysis – and you're curious about how XRF technology works – then this free ebook is for you.

Portable XRF Technology for the Non-Scientist, written by a scientist who is an expert in XRF techniques, explains the technology in an easy-to-understand manner. Some of the topics covered include:

  • The basics of XRF and how it works
  • Benefits of XRF
  • Strengths and limitations of portable analyzers
  • Applications of portable XRF technology

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